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Poultry Market Analysis

Outside of aquaculture, poultry is the most efficient converter of feed to food for humans. Vertical integration facilitates rapid expansion or contraction production phases to accommodate external market variables such as crop conditions that influence feed prices, or legislation. Following the depopulation of hog herds in Asian countries from African Swine Fever during 2019, poultry production has now become the largest single terrestrial animal agriculture sector in the world. A broiler is a chicken raised specifically for meat production.

Key facts about the global poultry market
  • World broiler meat production was estimated at over 96 million metric tonnes during 2019.
  • The US is the top producer or broiler meat, producing over 19 million metric tonnes annually, of which nearly 85% is consumed domestically.
  • The second largest producing country Brazil is most heavily reliant on exports, catering mainly to China and Middle Eastern Nations, with over 28% of the total 13 million metric tonnes produced exported to other markets. Of that, 70% is destined for China.
  • US chicken prices are typically seasonally influenced; breast meat is most in demand during the spring and summer for grilling and barbecuing, and wing supplies become tighter during autumn as consumption is closely tied with the US football season.
  • Roughly 20% of all US broiler meat (mainly dark meat) exported ends up in Mexico, along with more than 60% of US turkey meat exports.

Key themes affecting the poultry market

Favourable animal feed prices and genetic efficiencies have supported production growth of poultry in recent years. Although demand has trailed growth, the overall global increase in protein consumption and an improving global economy have supported expansion of the market.

Over the last three years, the US poultry industry has implemented more than five additional processing plants, with a focus on producing “jumbo birds” weighing more than seven pounds on a liveweight basis. US production favours white-feathered chickens and consumers traditionally favour white meat. By comparison, China favours yellow-feathered variants, and most export markets favour dark meat. US broiler chickens are very efficient converters of feed into protein, adding 1 lb of mass for every 1.8 lbs of feed consumed.

Turkeys have traditionally been grown to supply the US Thanksgiving national holiday, but a large and growing segment of the market is moving towards processed product used throughout the year. Thanksgiving hens sold at retail typically weigh between 8 lbs and 16 lbs. Whole birds are much smaller than what is raised in the processed segment, yet price dynamics remain closely tied. US domestic whole bird prices have been weakened in recent years, but the processed segment has offset losses for producers.

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) has imposed a sizeable threat to poultry production over the last few years, yet additional biosecurity measures and vaccinations have contributed to hastened need for widespread culling as a result.

US Broiler Cutout Value price range, $/CWT
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US Turkey Weighted Cutout Value price range, $/CWT
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