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Foods & Ingredients Market

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Foods & Ingredients Market Insights and Forecasting

The processed food sector comprises trade of a variety of fruits and vegetables in frozen, canned, concentrate and dehydrated forms to ensure availability outside of market seasons for a huge range of food products, and nuts, spices and exotic ingredients are increasing in demand from changing consumer habits such as trends towards healthy eating.

Facts about the global Foods & Ingredients market
  • Turkey is the leading producer and exporter of hazelnuts, accounting for an estimated 80% of world supply.
  • Global trade of frozen fruit grew by 20% between 2014 and 2019 from just below 2 million tonnes to 2.5 million tonnes.
  • The most expensive fruit juice is currently passionfruit concentrate, at around $7,000 per tonne.
  • Vietnam and Brazil have gained substantial market share in the pepper market in last decade to become the largest exporters, leading current low prices due to huge carry-over stocks.
  • Global demand for processed tomato product is flat, growing at less than 1% per year.

Food and Ingredients Commodities Sectors


Processed fruit, in the form of concentrate, is largely used in the beverage manufacturing industry but can also be used in other sectors. Once further concentrated, it is used in the jams and flavouring industry, and as natural sweeteners.

Canned Products & Tomato

Processed food, mostly including fruit, vegetables and fish raw materials are used by the industry for canning and prolonging the shelf life of food products for consumers.

Dried Fruit and Nuts

The dried fruit and nuts market has always been key to the manufacturing of biscuits, cakes, sweets and confectionary.

Frozen Foods

The frozen fruit and vegetable market serves food service and industrial preparations, such as creating jams, ice cream, cereal mix and smoothies.

Fruit and Vegetables

Fresh fruit and vegetables are the raw material for many forms of processing: dried, dehydrated, frozen, canned and juice.

Spices and Exotics

The spices and exotics categories that sell in the highest volumes today include chilli, pepper, cardamom, vanilla, saffron, cloves, ginger and honey.

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